Alna Item Name: HCH-102-1-1-20

Dimension : 75 X 40 X 152 CM (Length X Width X Height) Material : Laminated Board
SKU: 5088
Delivery date: 10-15 Days
Manufacturer: RFL

Product Description

- Best quality particle Board imported from Malaysia
- Best quality melamine paper imported from Hong Kong which made furniture scratch free and enhances glossiness
- Melamine paper is joined by heat pressed machine which enhances the durability of the Board
- Finest quality imported accessories ensure the strong  structure
- Edging thickness: 0.01 mm
- 1 year warranty service
- Water and termite-proof
- Free fitting service
- Knocked down flat box packaging for easy and damage-free transportation.


Color : Antique

Dimension : 75 X 40 X 152 CM (Length X Width X Height)

Material : Laminated Board